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The Couch Life of a Hollywood Film Producer

Do you remember the couch you grew up on?

On every interview we go on, that single question stirs a feeling that is easily visible on the face of our guests. Think about it yourself- I bet you can remember the couch you sat on as a child. Do you remember the feel? Was it itchy? Did it smell a certain way? Stories about watching Sportscenter with a father, or playing hide-and-seek with sisters…these are the tales woven into the fabric of our couches- and into the minds of those who sat on them.

We recently sat down with Blake Freeman at his condo in Los Angeles to ask him about his life on a couch. Blake has directed, starred in, and produced numerous films with some big names on the Hollywood scene including Eddie Griffin and Danny Trejo. Not that many people would be able to say that, and to think that Freeman is one of the best out there would be an understatement. He definitely is. But it wouldn’t have been easy to get to where he is today. A lot of hard work, dedication, and maybe even the help of a film school like Friends in Film may have all had a part to play in his success. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it’s what you do with that starting point that determines your career path, and Freeman definitely made the most of his opportunities. Even after all of the celebrity and recognition, he still cracked a smile when we asked him about his childhood couch.

couch life

Thanks for hanging out with us Blake!

At the end of the day, we all share this one thing in life. From entrepreneurs in Atlanta, to struggling workers in the Gobi desert, to Hollywood film producers- everyone looks forward to the end of the day when they can go home to their happy place and stretch out with their feet up. We’ll continue to draw the line that connects us all to a life on a couch.

–Shawny Nelson
Founder, Lovesac & Life on a Couch