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Win a Free Lovesac!? #SacAcrossAmerica

Where is the craziest place you’ve taken your Lovesac? Post a photo of your Lovesac in action and win one! Check out the  contest here, via Lovesac’s Facebook. Or just use #SacAcrossAmerica on Instagram.

Even though Lovesac is an up-and-coming trendsetter in American home décor, our roots are not really in the home. When I invented the very first Lovesac, I conceived it while sitting on my parent’s couch and chopped up the foam to put inside of it in the basement. But it spent almost no time in front of the TV in those days.

Lovesac Camping

First Sac Ever Made, Camping in Moab, Utah

We immediately tossed the massive Sac in the back of a pickup truck, or between the roll-bars of my roofless 1976 classic Bronco and dragged it to the drive-in movies or even the sidelines of the soccer game. We took it up the nearby canyons in Utah and cuddled 4 or 6 at once next to the fire, and even slept on it next to the shores of my favorite place on the planet: Lake Powell. Whatever the case, between the ages of 18 and 23, when Lovesac was just me and my friends making Lovesacs by hand for neighbors and their friends, we had no homes of our own, and these giant orbs of comfort lived the nomadic life of a college student-turned-entrepreneur.

Lovesac at the Lake

One of the earliest ever Lovesacs dragged down to Lake Powell to sleep on

Fast-forward to today. We are now grateful to be selling thousands of Lovesac each month, most of which find their way into the living rooms, movie rooms, and bedrooms of real people all over the country. But if there is one thing I know—I know they don’t always stay there. I come across photos all the time of Lovesac fans around the country leaping off of roofs, staircases, trucks, and trees into their Lovesacs in all kinds of unlikely locations. I know I’m not the only one who’s had the pleasure of stuffing a Lovesac into the back seat of a car that is probably smaller than the Sac is. Yes—a Lovesac will fit into the back seat of a car—any car, if you shove hard enough. Of course, Lovesac now has the Cinch Cover to make moving your Lovesac a lot easier. (Where’s the fun in that though!?)

Sac in Subaru

Cram a Lovesac into the back of any car!

One of our former employees and good friends had to leave Lovesac HQ in Stamford, CT a while back for a new life on the west coast. He loaded up his car, taking his Lovesac and Cinch Cover, along with his girlfriend and all his possessions on a coat-to-coast road trip to end all road trips. Check out the whole adventure on Lovesac’s Tumbler page. Its worth the look.

Sac across America! #Lovesac

What is the coolest trip you’ve ever attempted with your Lovesac?

Post your own photos on Instagram #SacAcrossAmerica, or post here and have your friends vote to WIN A FREE LOVESAC.

— Shawn