Save the Sac, Candice!

romo_gate_postDear Candice Romo,

Recently, you said you wanted to get rid of Tony’s beloved Lovesac Supersac, the joy of his bachelor days. Please don’t! We know it is the most comfortable piece of furniture in the world, and it is totally re-coverable with a wide variety of fabrics.

So please keep the Sac and we will re-cover it for you in the fabric of your choice. We will also donate another Supersac to the Nexus Recovery Center for Women and Girls.  But if you must donate Tony’s Supersac, however, we will give you and Tony a Lovesac movie lounger Sactional to take its place in any fabric you choose. And one in Cowboy blue and silver for the auction.

Thank you.

–Shawny Nelson

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