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What Does a Mother Look Like?

The Nelson Family

This is the picture of a mother

Lucky & Tiffany

She is capable of love in ways I can’t understand

Lucky, Pepper & Duke

I see it when she wakes up sick, yet duty-bound

Lucky & Pepper

I see it when she laughs without abandon at these funny little people

Tiffany & Duke

I see it when my instinct is to scold and hers is to hug

Lovesac Footsac Blanket

I see it when she sleeps so lightly, always on alarm

Pepper Sleeping

I see it when she sleeps so deeply, only to wake and do it again.

Lucky, Tiffany, Pepper

Being a mom—being a really good mom—is harder than anything I’ll ever do.

Duke & Tiffany picking apples

“Happy Mother’s Day” just doesn’t say it…but what else can I say?

Lucky with baby 4

So, Happy Mother’s Day…and now our fourth is on the way!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, everywhere. You are the reason for life.

— Shawny