The Selfie Can Be a Beautiful Thing

The selfie is a prolific and heavily criticized element of our new social-media driven, 24-7 marketing-ridden, self-absorbed society. Through a contest we put out on social media this past weekend I can say firsthand that the selfie can truly be a positive force in this world as well. We wanted to spread a little love to our friends and to mothers everywhere, so we ran a selfie-with-your-mom contest on Instagram. The winner would get a Lovesac.


#momsdeservelove Contest Entries

The response to the contest was instantaneous and inspiring. Dozens of photos began popping up under the #momsdeservelove hashtag. It was great to see so many and we’re sure the people who posted the pictures under the hashtag will have gained a fair few extra followers. Hashtags are a great way to attract new followers, although the growth services of companies like Kicksta are probably the most beneficial way. Platypus reviewed them and they certainly seemed to think that is the case as well.

So many beautiful photos of smiling people, with their mothers–many of them on a couch (naturally)…because that is so often where life happens. In the end, a photo (below) submitted by @ej_santana of himself, his loving mother and his dog sharing a moment of their life on a couch was chosen as the winner. But there were also so many other great entries that I’ve decided to share some here on the blog.

@ej_santana Contest Entry

@ej_santana, mom & dog on Sactionals

Some of the photos, like the one shown below from @northshorepoor, featured you and you mothers celebrating this special day. I love seeing all of this happiness. So now I have a new challenge for you, below.

@northshorepoor #momsdeservelove Contest Entry

@northshorepoor, her mom and brother

Others, like the one below from @darleenmeier, were posted by moms themselves to celebrate one of the most important positions that exists on this planet- that of the caretaker, and the teacher, the mentor, and the nourishing provider which every good mother is.

@darleenmeier Contest Entry

@darleenmeier and her family

We LOVED the photos you posted because they embody what we’re doing here at One hashtag like this created a tiny ripple that would produce scenes of bonding and happiness between children and their mothers–then when viewed as a whole, became a movement towards the love and togetherness we are all striving to restore in our society.

@rogerchandesign #momsdeservelove Contest Entry

@rogerchandesign and his mom and Lexi the husky

I couldn’t have asked for any more than the amazing response we all witnessed, and it has pushed me to go the extra mile to spark more of this kind of response. Hopefully in the end, we will be able to inspire the change that brings us all a little closer together–a society of people sharing their life on a couch. The selfie doesn’t have to be selfish.

Shawn, Dave & Shirley

Selfie with Shirley (mom)

So here is my challenge to you:

1. Put your arm around your mom

2. Take a selfie

3. See if she is smiling

A momentary spark of true joy and apparent love will be captured and pour out of that blurry, grainy, off-centered photo. THAT is a #LifeOnaCouch Selfie.

It doesn’t matter if your mom thinks Twitter is a children’s television program. Go out of your way to take a selfie with someone you love. I promise–if it is your mom–she’ll be smiling.

— Shawny



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