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A Ribeye Bullseye: Grilling the Perfect Steak

The debate is heated when it comes to what the tastiest food is to grill during the summer months. Some will say burgers, others will say barbecue chicken- but its hard to deny the searing argument from those who say it is a good hunk of steak. For some people, nothing beats cooking a big juicy steak on their bbq for their friends and family to enjoy. But if steak isn’t their number one choice, then meat grinding their perfect slice of meat could ensure that you cater to everyone’s preferences. You just need to make sure you have the best equipment to do this, like a meat grinder machine for your kitchen. However, steak still seems to be at the top of the list for all meat lovers though. Vegetarians aside, many people consider steak to be the epitome of “good eats”. Full of flavor and hard to resist, this simple to grill item still gives many people a tough time to cook. So here’s a simple guide to grilling a perfect steak to enjoy this summer:

Ribeye Steak

26oz Bone-In Ribeye

Step One: The first step to grilling the perfect steak is actually in choosing the perfect steak. People have all kinds of notions and beliefs about what the best cut of steak is. You have people that love Porterhouse because it has two full cuts on it. You have people that love the tenderness of filet mignon. But a true steak aficionado will tell you that the steak-of-all-steaks is and always will be the bone-in ribeye. The fat content and marbling in a thick cut ribeye is second to no other cut. Go to your local butcher or higher-end market and buy a 1.0-1.5lb USDA certified prime bone-in ribeye. You can go a little bigger or smaller depending on how many you’re feeding, but figure a 1/2-3/4 pound serving size is pretty good.

Season it up!

Montreal Steak seasoned ribeye

Step Two: The next step in the process is pre-heating the grill and seasoning the steak. Go out a little early and turn your grill on high heat, clean the grates, and close the top. This will allow the grates to get nice and hot before you drop the steak on. After turning on the grill, move onto seasoning the steak. Once again, people do this in a bevy of different ways. I personally choose a simple yet guaranteed-to-please method- a dry rub of McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning. You can buy Montreal Steak Seasoning at just about any grocery store, and you want to be pretty generous with the application. You still want to be able to taste the meat, but don’t be scared to coat this stuff on because it will result in great flavor enhancement. Another way to add to the flavor of your steak is by using BBQ wood pellets with different smoke flavors. If you’re looking for a rich, smoky flavor without using anything artificial these are a great idea.

Grill it up!

Grill over medium-high heat

Step Three: The third step is the fun part aka the actual grilling part. Bring your seasoned steak and a fork out to the grill. Bump your heat up all the way to high and drop the steak on for about a minute. Then flip the steak to the other side for another minute. This quick “flash sear” will create a seal and allow the steak to retain its flavorful juices, essential to grilling the perfect steak. Now drop the heat to medium-high and turn the steak 90 degrees to create those sought-after diamond grill marks. Close the top and grill for about 7-8 minutes. This grilling time is based on a two-inch thick cut but times will vary for other thicknesses. There are endless sites like one from Omaha Steaks that will direct you to cooking times, or take it to “The Google” if need be. After 7-8 minutes, flip the steak and grill the other side for about 8 more minutes. This should give a two-inch thick ribeye a perfect medium-rare temperature. Depending on your preference and your grill, times can be shorter or longer. Just use a trial-by-fire (no pun intended) approach!

Let it stand!

Allow the steak to stand

Step Four: This step is often overlooked but its so simple and it needs to be addressed. After you take your steak off the grill, allow it “rest” for 10-15 minutes. This will ensure the juices have settled into the steak before you cut into it. This is also the optimal time to prepare some sides and a cold drink to enjoy your steak with. You’re almost done, just one more step!

Go to town!

The perfectly grilled steak for your summer barbecue

Step Five: The final step in the process is choosing and prepping your sides. My surefire steak sides have always been a baked potato and broccoli, but this can be altered to your taste. Nowadays with the push for clean-eating, some people have abandoned starch (and their carbs) altogether and opted instead for two veggie sides or a big salad. Get creative and do whatever works for you and your people! We used a garlic mashed potato and asparagus medley as our sides along with a chop salad and a pitcher of cool lemon water! Now it’s just a matter of finding a nice comfy place to sit and enjoy the spoils of your labor!

Dinner on a couch!

Family dinner

At the end of the day, people will continue to argue about the best food to enjoy during the summer. It just comes down to personal opinion. Some will say burgers, some will say dogs, some will say steaks. But no matter what you decide to grill and how good it actually comes out tasting (we’re not exactly pros right?) there’s nothing better than sitting under the setting sun enjoying time with the people you love. That’s life on a couch.

— Shawny