Thursday Thought: How You Make Me Feel

Internal email sent to all Lovesac employees: Dec 10, 2015

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
—Maya Angelou
I’m sure that I am the most guilty of often behaving ignorantly to this undeniable and often-quoted truth that is so aptly captured by Maya Angelou above. Nevertheless, at this time of year in particular, may we all try to keep this thought in our hearts. We are LOVEsac…and we should live up to that.
Every time I get the chance to help people to sit in a Lovesac for their first time, the expression on their face—the wide-eyed smile, the gasp, the laugh, the comments—I am reminded that: in the end, people don’t pay $800 for a beanbag from us because of good foam or good fabric. Somewhere in their subconscious mind they just want to take that feeling back to their home, and somehow let it bring the same joy to their life everyday.

This is what Lovesac is

Whether at HQ as we interact with each other, on the phone with our customers, on chat, or in-store, may we all focus on spreading the love this holiday season. It is the right thing to do. And we have an outsized opportunity to do it! We practically have a duty to do it. And speaking truthfully, it has been demonstrated to me over and over again through the years that when we do focus on just spreading that Lovesac vibe in an honest, energetic, and sincere way, the universe has a way of making it happen for us—our business grows—which is good for all of us and the world.
Spread the love. Happy Holidays!
Love you. My #LovesacFamily.
— Shawn

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thought: How You Make Me Feel

  1. Eric Rodriguez


    I am a big fan of your company and its products. I own a City Sac and will soon own a Movie Sac. Your products are indeed very expensive, but “Two Life Times” Guarantee and the quality usually make the price well worth it.

    I do have a problem with one of the products you sell, the Squattoman. After only a little more than a year of use, it has lost so much of its shape as to become useless. It is not made of the same foam and really a poor product. When I shared my experience with on of your associates, I was told that yes many people have complained and thus you developed a new, much better replacement, the Pouff. But, to my surprise, the squattomans are not covered by your guarantee– only sacs. And if I want a product that lasts over a year (let alone a lifetime) I would have to purchase a new Pouff. In short, I would expect much better from your company. I am (was?) a fan because I knew you stood behind your products, all of your products, I thought.


    1. Shawn Nelson Post author


      Thank you for taking the time to write! I will email you and explain further, but we definitely have a solution for this problem.

      Thanks so much.

      — Shawn


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